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Give a Hand (or an arm, it's up to you)

Like many autistic people, I struggle to work in conventional jobs.

My goal is to make a living by selling my photographs. In order to become a professional photographer officially registered according to the French Laws I need to sell at least one print before the state registers me as a professional (then I'll have the joy and honour to pay taxes and stuff).

I'm working toward this goal everyday since 2013, trying to understand how to do it despite the difficulties I face (mainly the paperwork aspect of the thing, calculating the taxes, professional registration and last but not least: the social aspect, feeling awkward in communication, marketing, struggling to talk deeply about my work due to alexithymia, etc). These are the part where autism doesn't make it easy.

If you want and if it doesn't cause you any harm, you can help me by sending me money via PayPal. Click here to donate.

Your money will allow me to live a descent life until I'll become completely independent (I have the support of friends and family). Also to pay the expenses generated by my activity: the domain name, the website, purchase of photographic material, internet bills, prints and so on.

Kind regards.


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